Wednesday, January 20, 2010


wow. never imagined it would be this hard to chase my dream of playing professional soccer. i've been jobless since last june (last day of school); but without income since september. coaching soccer and working for SVU more and more has helped ease things a bit, but the bills are piling up and things are getting tight.

just wasn't expecting it to be this hard. never had to "technically" go out and find a job before. all previous jobs were very informal interviews, if there was even an interview at all. even my teaching job at Page, i knew so many people in the process, it was natural and comfortable and "easy." now i'm out in the "real world" looking for a job without any networking connections to ease the way for me.

there have been a few people who have really stepped up big-time in helping me out so far... whether emotionally, financially, or by making me food :) to you, i am so grateful! i will never be able to repay you for your kindness and generosity.

not gonna lie, things are very tight right now. and on top of it all, i've gotta decide what i'm doing after march 31, when my lease runs out in VA. do i stay? do i go to PA? do i play soccer this summer? do i coach at summer camps instead all summer? do i find a teaching job for the fall/spring?

to make things harder, i'm really, really enjoying my time within the coaching realm of things in VA. i LOVE the club. i'm just beginning to train the jmu gk's, which is what i primarily want to do-- train gk's. but i REALLY miss my family and friends up in PA.

Lord, give me guidance, discernment, wisdom and direction...