Saturday, February 21, 2009

What an experience!!

So, today's tryouts rocked!! We (Katie and me) were expecting about 50 girls (from the mass email list we received Friday), but there were only 32 there. The level of play wasn't as high as we had anticipated. Some of it was due to the lack of fitness for most girls (thank goodness we've been training for 2 months!), but there was just a wide range of talent.

Both sessions were identical. Field players warmed-up while the goalkeepers (GKs) warmed-up separately. Then, all the girls were divided into four teams, and we played 3 games of 7v7/8v8. After a quick break, we played 40 mins of 11v11 (2, 20-mins halves). Then, we were finished.

I felt completely satisfied with how I did in the warm-up drills and throughout the games. "I held onto balls. I gave up very few rebounds. I communicated clearly, concisely and loudly. I got to know and used girls' names (defenders). I stopped and completely stuffed 2 of 3 breakaways. I was pumped and totally stepped up when I had to... Katie rocked it up too! She had brilliant crosses and great decision-making in the run-of-play. (journal entry).

Tonight, the email came... I've been called back!!!!!! Katie wasn't called back, but the only reason I can think of why, is that they didn't need an outside mid. I love you, Katie! You rocked it!! Keep working and trying out for teams. You will have a successful career one day!!!

I'm so excited!!!! Invite-only tryouts will be held Thursday and Friday! Yea, baby!!!!!!! : )

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