Thursday, March 5, 2009

I LOVE being outside!!!

We finally got outside today!! The weather was only calling for about 50 degrees, but it ended up being 50-ish for our morning session, and near 60-ish for our afternoon session! : ) But seriously, it felt sooooo good to get outside, on the big field, in the fresh air, under the blue sky, in the warmer weather. I could enjoy being paid to play all spring/summer :) :) :)

Today was one of the girl's birthday--Sarah Huffman! One of the girls decorated our locker room with some birthday things. We got her a card and everyone signed it. Someone got her a chocolate chip cookie "cake" (to share). Our equipment manager got her a bunch of chocolate chip cookies (to share), and we had candy and brownies (to share)! Who says we can't eat junk food?! We're training! ; )

The weather is going to be so nice the rest of the week. Tomorrow, we only have one training session (10:30a-12p), and then Saturday will be our intersquad scrimmage! I'm so excited!

Again, thanks for all the little ways that you're showing me you care!! I love you all!

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