Monday, March 9, 2009


Hello all!

After Saturday's scrimmage (first half--potential starters vs. non-starters/tryout participants), Head Coach Jim Gabarra met with each of us individually to let us know whether to pack up and go home, or to stay another week, or to offer a contract. I was let go...

He told me that he'd love to be able to offer me a contract, but with 2 GK's already signed (Scurry, McLeod) and with me not beating out the other GK, there was simply no way they could keep me--which for the record, I suspected on Monday already, after only 3 sessions!!

He told me that he and Nicci (GK coach) were happy with my training and impressed with my talent. Unfortunately, their W-League team is set with GK's, so he'll try to hook me up with their affiliate teams--Hampton Roads Piranhas ( and the Northern Virginia Majestics ( So I will seek those out.

He commended me on coming from obscurity to the final round of tryouts, and hoped that they could call on me this summer if (hypothetically) one or more of the GK's were injured or had to leave the team. And I said, "Heck yes, call me!!" : )

So, I'm back at Page County High School, teaching and coaching the girls soccer team! It was actually great to be back and to see my students! Our second scrimmage is tomorrow, away!

I'll be looking for a W-League team to play on this summer (semi-pro league, more competitive than the WPSL, which I played in last year), and if for some reason that doesn't pan out, then I'll be looking at playing with the Lancaster Inferno or one of the Philly/Delaware/Atlantic City teams (owned by Matt Driver, owner of the newly-forming Philly professional (WPS) team next summer).

Thanks again for everyone's support, encouragement, and prayers! They were deeply appreciated and felt throughout the past 2 weeks especially! It was a very unique and unreal experience that I'll never forget, but hope to encounter again next year!!! (Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures).

Love, Joyful

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  1. Joy, we're all obviously very proud of you and looking forward to seeing you again around here. I'm so glad you had the opportunity not only to get a taste of your dream, but to take a step forward toward it. God has given you amazing talent, Joy, and I know that God will lead you to the right places to make that talent shine! Shalom!

    superfan steve :)