Monday, May 4, 2009

WPS is taking off!

The WPS (Women's Pro Soccer) is really taking off!! I absolutely look forward to Sunday nights when I get to turn on the TV (well, at a friend's house) and catch a great game of soccer on each week! And, every now and then, going up to DC to see the Freedom in action!

Last week's game--Freedom v FC Gold Pride--was absolutely amazing! From goalkeeper saves, to possession, to attacking, to all the goals!!! Definitely an on-the-edge-of-your-seat type of game! Congrats to the Freedom for earning their first win!!!! And on a personal note, it was so incredible to see Kati Jo Spisak playing in goal! To think that I trained with her and now she's playing over Briana Scurry (with all due respect, of course)... it's just a true example that the "little people" get their chances! All the best to KJ : )

And this week's game was just as riveting! First, the game showcased the winless/scoreless St. Louis Athletica vs. the freshly-first-win Freedom. Of course, my allegiance was with the Freedom, but I was really hoping that the Athletica could score a goal. Fortunately, I got to witness this game in person, with my soccer pops, Phil : ), and you can just ask him what I said: "I'd love to see Athletica score a goal, but then it'd be even better if we scored 5... and won!" Well, the Athletica did score a goal, x3, but the Freedom came storming back and tied it 3-3 to end the game. World-class goals by each team! Some great saves by both KJ and Solo (my favorite part of any game!!)! I really hope Daniela is okay. Praying it's not an ACL...

Well, this coming weekend, it's Sky Blue FC @ Chicago Red Stars. 6pm on FSC. Be there or be sad when you miss all the exciting top-level action!

Washington Freedom:


*And then you'll have to watch the W-League Championship game on FSC on Fri or Sat, August 7 or 8 to see me playing in goal for the Hampton Roads Piranhas, and beating the other team to win it all : )

Hampton Roads Piranhas:

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