Wednesday, November 30, 2011


As Saturday approaches, I have bittersweet feelings. Upon learning that Grandma was getting weaker once she stopped taking her chemo treatments, we planned to have Christmas on Dec. 3rd. Usually, Grandma was more energetic and hopeful around the holidays, so we figured she'd make it through then. But God had different plans. Thanksgiving without Grandma was not as much of a "shock" as I know Christmas will be.

Thanksgiving (while valuable in its essence) was a time with family and lots of food. Plenty to be thankful for, yes.

But Christmas was different. Grandma was a HUGE part of Christmas. Before Grandpa died (a few years ago), he would say a wonderful (VERY long) prayer. And he would make chex party mix and fresh fruit salad. When he passed, Grandma took the reigns. Her prayers were not nearly as long (though still special), but the chex mix and fruit salad continued. On top of that, she would also hand out the USA state quarters to us grandkids. She bought us the book and first 5 coins when we turned 13. Then, each successive Christmas, she would give us 5 more coins and some cash. In cute little boxes or mini yellow envelopes with the tiniest bows on them!

The email that went out to everyone attending Christmas on Saturday, had a list of food for people to bring. This is what it looked like:

Chicken Corn Soup: Grandma's freezer
Popcorn: Grandma's cupboard

I must admit, it made me laugh :)

Grandma, we will miss you dearly this Christmas holiday. You always brought a smile, encouragement and love to all. So comforting knowing you are in Heaven, celebrating Jesus' birth with Him and the Father :)

Grandma learning how to play UNO Flash, with help from Mark.

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