Friday, September 25, 2009

First session down...

Hey all,

Well, it's been fun meeting a lot of the girls. Some were at the Freedom tryouts this past Feb, so it's been great catching up and seeing what we've all been up to! There are a few girls here from the Hampton Roads Piranhas that I was gonna play with at the beginning of the summer, so it's good to see them again!

First session this morning, we were divided up into our 6 teams. We warmed-up on our own, did some passing, tight possession (two 8ydsx8yds grids), and then ended with a few shooting drills. Nothing hard since the girls will be playing basically all 70 mins in our 3 games this weekend. Each team has 1-2 subs, and there are 7 GKs.

Right knee is okay. Did okay during straight-on shooting. Hurt when I pivoted on it on a crossing play. I've been icing and keeping a compression sleeve on it, so I hope it continues to hold up. The pain is a dull pain all the time; more so when I pass with my right foot (can't take goal kicks), and when I pivot. Can't really push off it either to my right side, but I'm managing.

Saw and said hi to Jim Gabarra (Washington Freedom coach) and introduced myself to Tony DiCicco (Boston Breakers coach). Saw Abner Rogers (LA SOL coach) yesterday...

We play a match this afternoon at 2:30pm, Sat at 5:30pm, and Sunday at 11am.

Thank you for all your support and prayers. I need them...

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