Friday, September 25, 2009

Not what I was hoping for...

well, i tried to give it a go today--through our first session and our first game. didn't go so well. i can't push off to my right. i can't get power to my right side, and it's limited on my left side. i'm not even gonna attempt coming out on breakaways (thank goodness i had none today).

i went up for a ball served from a corner kick that, at 100% ability, i would have caught cleanly. tried to punch it and totally whiffed. now, usually, this would have caused me great disappointment and frustration... however, more alarming was that i didn't get the power to get off the ground like i had prepared for (bent down, loaded the quads, etc.)... Grrr.

so, Sat morning, i'll have to tell the combine directors that i'm done for the weekend. i'll sit on the sideline and cheer on my teammates--and katie, who's on the other team tomorrow :) luckily, there are 7 GKs for 6 teams... so now all GKs will get to play full games.

good night, tampa...

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